• Book editing
  • Book critiquing
  • Book proposal-writing
  • Book doctoring


Who?      Carrie Cantor, publishing industry veteran (more than 20 years)
What?     Expert editorial guidance
When?   Whenever authors need help writing, polishing, selling, or self-publishing
Where?  New York City metro area (Montclair, NJ) but my clients are everywhere
Why?      Because making good books into great books is noble work
How?      With expertise and intense personal attention for every project
Check out this lengthy interview I did for Write magazine. I made the cover!:

Cover of Write magazine article

Contact me IF YOU NEED HELP:

  • Diagnosing problems in your fiction or nonfiction manuscript
  • Perfecting and polishing your writing
  • Organizing your topics and structuring your narrative
  • Finding your marketing angle and writing a book proposal
  • Self-publishing
Books are my life, and I bring devotion and joy
to every project!
Attention Authors!

It is always the very best writers who seem to most appreciate the value of a good editor (and, conversely, the least gifted who tend to think editing unnecessary!). After all my years of unmixing metaphors, unmangling grammatical constructions, and polishing prose, I can assure you that even the most articulate people need an objective eye to see how their words will be construed. No writer, not even one with the very best taste, can always see what works and what doesn’t. Is this a self-serving statement? Well . . . yes. But it happens also to be true!

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